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                                                       EMULATOR   MANIA

What actually is an Emulator ?

Well, it’s just an application that you can use to play games made for certain devices on your PC.


And this is what Emulator Mania is all about !

Here, you can find all the Emulators for PC :

  • Game Boy Color Emulators :

  1. Play Guy
  2. BGB
  3. KiGB
  4. TGB Dual
  • Game Boy Advance Emulators :

  1. Visual Boy Advance
  2. Boycott Advance
  3. NO$GBA 
  4. BatGBA
  • Nintendo DS Emulators :

  1. DeSmuME
  2. NO$GBA 
  3.  DuoS 
  4. iDeaS 


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