What you need :

( Don’t worry over what is written just follow the steps ! )

What you need to do :

  • Download the Emulator, ROM, and GBA Bios.
  • Now put all of them in a separate folder ( this is only so that you don’t get confused ! )
  • These should be the three files :

  • That’s it for the files parts. Let’s move on !


  • Now, connect your Symbian to your PC through a USB Cable :

  •  With that done open the folder of your phone by going to My Computer.
  • Now go to your Symbian’s folder.
  • Make a new folder.

  • Copy the three files downloaded earlier and paste them in the new folder.
  • Now remove your ymbian from the PC.
  • Go to Menu : Office :

  • Go to File Manager :

  • You have to click mass memory :

  • Then go to the new folder we made.
  • See all the files ?

  • Click on the gpsp one – an installation check will come up :

  • Click OK
  • Now a security check will pop up, click Continue :

  • Select where you want to install gpsp – Mass Memory or Phone Memory, i am choosing mass memory :

  • Now wait until it installs :

  • Once the installation is finished, go to menu
  • Then go to Applications :
  • Scroll down until you find gpsp with a pikachu face :

  • Now open it up :

  • Above is what it should look like
  • Now click File :
  • Two options will appear :

  • Load ROM and Set Bios
  • Click Load ROM and locate the new folder and choose the fire red ROM.
  • Click Set Bios and locate the new folder and choose the Bios.
  • After you load the ROM and set the Bios, it should look like this :

  • Now click on Continue at the right side :

  • If you have done everything according to the tutorial, and there is no problem with your Symbian, this should be the outcome :





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