What you need :

1.  An Emulator –

DeSmuME –  Click here to download it.

2.  A Pokemon Platinum ROM – Click here to download it.

What you’ll need to do :

  1. Download the Emulator.
  2. Download the ROM.
  3. Once you have the Emulator file downloaded, extract it.

You should see a file like this appear after you extract the file :

Once you have downloaded your ROM, the file below will will be our game :

That’s it for the files part, let’s move on to the game procedure.


  • Open the Emulator – DeSmuME :

  • Now go to File  –>  Open ROM…..

  • Select the Pokemon Platinum ROM :

  • Wallah ! You are done !   Enjoy playing Pokemon Platinum on your PC !




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